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Speech Phonology Place by New Mie Go is a fun and engaging app created by certified speech and language pathologist Dr. Dixon-Thompson, wellness developer Dre Thompson and administrative partner Juli Yee of Back Office Services, for children ages pre-school and up to develop and learn spoken sounds and emergent phonological awareness skills.


Phonology is the study of the speech sounds of oral language.  Teaching phonological awareness skills during speech therapy refers to ensuring that each individual child is aware of the different sounds, can participate in sound work and play with individual spoken sounds and sounds within words.  The activities are designed upon the alphabetic principle which is the sound-letter link to develop alphabet knowledge skills for toddlers, and children in PreK.


The Speech Phonology Place app was created and designed uniquely to mimic young children’s learning environments and spaces.   It is an app that can be used as it was intended or with an out-of-the-box, open-ended approach.  The skills included are activities such as sound and phonological awareness, alphabet letter knowledge, speech production, purposeful play, and experiences.


The app offers 5 familiar places that toddlers recognize and feel comfortable in while they learn and practice the given tasks on varying levels with fun graphics and animations.

Download Speech Phonology Place by New Mie Go from the App Store or Google Play.

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Letter Finder Maze
Speech Phonology Place 

We represent a new generation of interactive technology that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of children and families.  Our technology dramatically expands the opportunities and experiences available to our clients.  We have a talented team that is composed of the brightest speech language pathologists, cutting edge designers, programmers and visionaries that provide us with a high degree of resources, which enables us to meet the needs of our clients.


Through the implementation of interactive technology and software packages, coupled with evidenced based practices, we continue to strive to improve diagnostic measures and intervention strategies for speech and language disorders in addition to related disorders in a therapeutic environment.


Virtual reality in speech, based on evidence based practice can be used during language interventions to expand vocabulary by replicating what is considered real as combined through sensory inputs such as sight, sound, and touch.  Virtual reality can be used for expressive, receptive, pragmatic, figurative language, fluency and articulation skills.


Our goals with using virtual reality is to create intelligent apps and analytics that provide children with a deeply involved experience as if they are there in person seeing the process through the eyes of New Mie and becoming a ‘new me.’


Spch Lady transparent.png

The inspiration of this character is a result of being called the speech teacher or speech lady.  Toddlers, toddler moms, and sometimes teachers have referred to the speech language pathologist as this name, making it fun and engaging.

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This character was specifically created to be a symbol of a child becoming a new me, seeing the progress through the eyes of the New Mie making it more engaging, seeing personal growth and creating a sense of self accomplishment.



For Speech Language Pathologists, Educators and parents alike the app offers:

  1. Student profile, name, age and progress notes

  2. Data Compilation

  3. Tracking of correct and incorrect responses

  4. Email results

  5. In depth video tutorials to simplify navigation through the app

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Multi-player and video recorder coming soon

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